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Did you know that nitrogen escapes through tire rubber 20%-30% slower than oxygen? Race cars, the US military, commercial aircraft, tractor trailer fleets and even NASA use nitrogen tire inflation—and now, so can you.

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Let our experts at Allen Tire set you up with nitrogen inflation for the lowest price out there. Schedule an appointment online or stop by at your convenience. Same-day appointments are available. We’re open evenings, weekends and many holidays. Hours vary by location.

Safety: Nitrogen inflation leads to fewer tire failures and less wheel corrosion because nitrogen is drier than ordinary air.

Economy: When you use nitrogen to inflate your tires, experience up to 3% better fuel economy, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Additionally, the maximum tire life of your vehicle lasts up to 25% longer compared to tires underinflated by as little as 5 psi.

Handling: Experience smoother, more consistent handling and safer cornering. Not only will nitrogen inflation give you a smooth ride, but will help you get to your next destination efficiently and safely!

Stay inflated longer, handle better, drive safer and save with nitrogen-filled tires.

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